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Double Glazed Windows

Ayrshire Double Glazing supply and fit a vast range of double glazed windows in a variety of different designs and finishes, making it easy to find the best fit for your property.

Ayrshire Double Glazing supply and fit a vast range of double glazed windows in a variety of different designs and finishes, making it easy to find the best fit for your property.

Suitable for both old and new properties, Ayrshire Double Glazing has specific requirements that can turn your home into a warmer, more valuable and safer property for a massively competitive price.


What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing consists of two or more glass window panes that are then separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space which results in reducing heat transfer across a portion of the building ‘envelope’.

Double Glazing is believed to have originated from Scotland during the Victorian era. At that time, whilst winters were harsh and savage, most households relied on a kitchen fire to keep the rooms warm. This was obviously a problem for larger houses which were forced to suffer the most from the cold because they simple had more rooms to heat.

It’s not clearly or officially defined, however at some point during this time, double glazing was invented by the Scots and eagerly received, resolving all of the above.

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Our most popular window style is the Casement Windows range which offers a versatile range of designs to suit all of our clients. Our range of available designs will allow you to configure your windows in a variety of different styles to achieve your desired look to complement your home.

Our casement windows range can be manufactured incorporating outward opening side hung sashes or top opening sashes over fixed and even large, single top hung sashes which can be combined to create ideal design. They can be designed in a range of colours such as White, Rose wood, Cherry Oak ,Light Grey, Anthracite Grey

All Ayrshire Double Glazing windows are manufactured using two sheets of glass with the space between filled with Argon gas. All of our double glazed units come with a 28mm thick glass which creates a more effective insulating barrier, which results in an increase of the thermal resistance of the double glazed window.

This gives you piece of mind by you saving money on your energy bills as well as reducing the noise pollution from outside.


Ayrshire Double Glazing tilt & turn windows incorporate fantastic weatherproofing performance, high security, low maintenance, and fantastic insulation. This style of window is ideal for when cleaning the outside and it also gives you a means of fire escape. This is the most popular choice for flats or bathrooms in modern day builds.

They also feature a unique design utilising an ingenious locking system which by turning the handle 180 degrees allows the window to open into your home, almost like a door which may be hinged on the left or right-hand side. From the closed position the handle may be moved a further 90 degrees and the window will tilt back into the property to provide ventilation. Tilt & Turn’s are based on continental window designs where windows open inwards, often with shutters externally.

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Got a few questions on your mind? Check out of Frequently Asked Questions right here, or if your question isn’t listed, simply click the button below to redirected to our contact page to ask us yourself.
Can I have a coloured window frame or door outside and white on the inside ?
Yes, absolutely! Our trade partners support and supply a wide array of styles and finishes including the above.
Can I have opening windows in the direction of my choice?
Yes, your windows can be designed to suit your requirements.
What will happen to my old doors and windows?
We will remove all old windows and doors and dispose of all waste material in an environmental waste system. We also recycle where possible.
Will there be a lot mess when the work is getting carried out?
We will carry out your installation with care and attention and treat your property in a manner we would expect our own homes to be treated.

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